What is ProxyBoost.net?

When you would like to visit any blocked website, you might benefit from an American Proxy like proxyboost.net. As with many other things on the Internet, one is able to trick some of the mechanisms and controls to visit any website that is blocked by, for example, the administrator to restrict specific types of behavior. Nonetheless, you might be willing to visit websites like Facebook or MySpace, even though it is not allowed. For that purpose, you might tap into an American Proxy and browse the Web the way you like it.

How does an American Proxy Work?

An American Proxy does not use all kinds of complicated techniques. In fact, the technology is just that plain easy that almost anyone who is able to browse the Internet could use it. Without having any knowledge about hacking or fooling a system in general, one might just be able to find a working American Proxy and more or less plug in to start using it. Even when you do not know anything about how this thing actually works, it might bring you great benefits. It will enable you to browse any blocked website you want and thereby surpass the control mechanisms without anyone noticing or knowing about what you are doing.

An American Proxy makes use of a fake IP-adress to surpass any control mechanisms. In fact, one is just visiting the website of the American Proxy and that is exactly what the administrator will see. Of course, one may use this website to browse any other spot on the Internet without being noticed. Basically, the American Proxy has built a fence around its own website to not show anyone what you are browsing inside and looking at. Even highly sophisticated control mechanisms will not be able to recognize your browsing behavior. By that means, an American Proxy will enable you to use the Internet the way you like it.

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Which Websites can I browse?

Browse the internet securely and anonymously using our free American proxy site. You can unblock popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Friendster and many other blocked sites. Use this free proxy as much and as long as you like! Tell all your friends about Proxyboost.net, the free American proxy site!


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